The Capital City

The emirate of Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates that comprise the UAE and covers more than 85% of the country's total landmass including 700 kilometres of coastline and 200 offshore islands. The population of the UAE has grown dramatically over the last two decades and currently numbers around four million people. Abu Dhabi has the largest population of the seven emirates, with almost 1,600,000 residents from a wealth of nationalities that form a diverse and cosmopolitan society.

As the country's capital and the seat of federal government, the island city of Abu Dhabi is the gateway to development. A dynamic and progressive tourism destination, the emirate is focusing on the future while preserving the heritage and culture which form the backbone of the country.

With a varied landscape stretching southwards to the famous Liwa oasis – home to some of the largest sand dunes in the region – and eastwards to the green Garden City of Al Ain, the natural environment is the emirate's greatest resource.

The emirate's long-term vision is to develop distinctive projects that work in harmony with the landscape, embrace culture, and respect nature in order to create a diverse world-class destination for tourists replica watches, business travellers and residents.

Abu Dhabi competes on the international tourism stage with other renowned international resorts but also offers that little bit extra – Arab mystique and ambience – combined with year-round sunshine and unrivalled facilities. The tradition of Arab hospitality permeates throughout the emirate from a warm welcome in any of the city's top hotels to genuine local flavour in the countless cultural sites and retail outlets.

A destination for the experience-hungry traveller, the emirate has something for everyone - from the dynamism of a 21st century city to pristine beachfront, the tranquillity of the desert, rugged mountain scenery and verdant oases.

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